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Organic search engine rankings and traffic is very important for businesses. Studies have shown that 79% of search engine users say they prefer to click on the natural search results.

Now to put that into perspective, 80% of search engine users say they almost rarely or never click on the sponsored search results. What does this tell us? Organic SEO rankings are super important!

Getting your site to rank in search can be a very hard and frustrating task if you do not have a working up to date knowledge of SEO.

The major search engines are constantly making changes to their algorithms. Every day unsuspecting webmasters are blindsided by these changes.

In some cases businesses even go under due to loss of rankings. We are a team of SEO experts who are very passionate about SEO and we stay up to date on the latest and greatest ranking methods.

Over the last year we have also invested capital into research and development by creating the Alpha ROI Lab.

This lab consists of many types of websites built for the purposes of testing and perfecting ranking method.

Not only does this ensure we stay up to date, but it also ensures that anything we do to rank your site is safe and bulletproof.

Alpha ROI Marking can help any business get back on track. Even if your site has a penalty or major on-page issues, our experts know exactly what needs to be done to get your site ranking again.

If you already have some rankings, we know how to take your site to the next level by working with what you already have.

Alpha ROI Marking has perfected the process of ranking sites for business and individuals over the years.

We have worked with customers in all markets and company sizes, each with very different needs.
We first start an SEO campaign by doing a FULL SEO audit of your online presence.

One or our SEO experts will analyze your entire site and social media properties. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities to rank better.

From here we will provide you with a document that will contain all of our recommendations and observations.

We can work with your existing development team to implement our recommendations. If you don’t have a website developer available, our team can coordinate with you to make any changes.

After your site and online properties are in tip top shape we will initiate the ranking process with our rapid ranking technology.

At Alpha ROI Marking we strongly believe that your success is our success. We take great pride in providing nothing but the best quality service.

For this reason we don’t outsource any of our work to overseas teams. We care about the quality we deliver.

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